Welcome to the LedaFlow Training Course!


Practical information

Date and time:


From the 11th to the 13th of February, 2020

From 09:00 to 16:00

Course location:


KDI Offices

Drengsrudbekken 12, 1383 Asker, Norway

Course instructor: Ludivine Le Granvalet


About LedaFlow

LedaFlow is a dynamic multiphase flow simulator that meets significant market demand for improved flow predictions for flowlines and wells. Based on models that are closer to the actual physics, it provides a step change in detail, fidelity, quality, accuracy and flexibility.


Learning objective

This course is intended for new users of LedaFlow® or professionals interested in exploring the capabilities and benefits of LedaFlow®. A general knowledge and experience of multiphase flow simulations is an advantage.


Learning process

The training will be a combination of theoretical lectures and practical exercises. The training material and exercises cover all important aspects of the flow assurance workflow such as PVT definition, model building, case execution, parametric studies and effective post-processing. The exercises consist of typical multiphase flow simulation cases. Refer to the training program on the next page.

Registration form

Course fee: USD 2,750 (ex VAT).

Please register and send a PO or invoicing instructions to mike.branchflower@kdi.kongsberg.com to secure your place. A formal proposal can be provided if this is needed to raise a PO. 


From Tuesday February 11th 2020 at 09:00
To Thursday February 13th 2020 at 16:00
Tuesday February 4th 2020 at 17:00
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Training course program

The modules listed below with the exception of the two last ones can be covered in two intensive days. A third day is dedicated to wells with exercises which consists of typical well operations and to the conversion of OLGA files.


MODULE 01 Introduction to LedaFlow, numerical background
MODULE 02 LedaFlow files, database, loggers
MODULE 04 Profile and meshing, profile tool
MODULE 05 Heat transfer, buried pipes
MODULE 06 Liquid management and slugging
MODULE 07 Basic network devices, separators, controllers
MODULE 08 Restart and purging
MODULE 09 Custom fluids
MODULE 10 Hydrate and wax
MODULE 11 Pigging
MODULE 12 Corrosion, erosion and sand transport
MODULE 20 Wells, annulus
MODULE 30 OLGA case conversion


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