Welcome to the LedaFlow Well Performance Workshop!


Thursday May 28th 2020 at 09:00 to 15:30
Friday May 22nd 2020 at 23:59


About LedaFlow

LedaFlow is a dynamic multiphase flow simulator that meets significant market demand for improved flow predictions for flowlines and wells. Based on models that are closer to the actual physics, it provides a step change in detail, fidelity, quality, accuracy and flexibility.


Learning objectives

This workshop is intended for professionals interested in exploring the capabilities of the multiphase flow simulator LedaFlow Engineering 1D. It is designed to provide a unique hands-on software opportunity by working on a well performance case study. LedaFlow applications are used and valid for any onshore and offshore wells.


Learning process

After a short introduction of the LedaFlow engineering simulator, the major part of the workshop will be spent working on a real case study. Attendees may bring their own input to run their case with LedaFlow.

  1. Introduction to LedaFlow history, software capabilities and Graphical User interface.
  2. Well Performance-oriented hands-on case study:
    • Development of a basic simulation case mimicking a well,
    • Use of TVD and MD data,
    • Use of casing layers configuration,
    • Use of IPR functionality.
  3. Feedback session.


Who should attend

Flow assurance engineers, process engineers, petroleum engineers, subsea engineers, well engineers, and reservoir engineers without prior experience of LedaFlow.


Practical information

Hand-outs and computers will be provided for the workshop by the organizer.

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Thursday May 28th 2020 at 09:00 to 15:30
Friday May 22nd 2020 at 23:59
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  • 09:00


  • 09:15

    Introduction to LedaFlow & Demo

  • 10:30


  • 10:45

    Hands-on exercises

  • 12:00


  • 13:00

    Hands-on exercises

  • 15:15

    Recap and closing

  • 15:30

    End of workshop


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